Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster
King of denial

If only I could save you
I wouldn’t walk a half a mile

You’re a thorn in my side
A splinter in my eye

The storm that rolls across my sky
The shame that makes me wonder why?

Traumatics (Poem)

Spare me the traumatics
Just give me some peace of mind

Nightmares kreep in like overdose
Good days are lost in time

I try to find some comfort
A silver lining for my dread

But the only line I come by
is full of Monkey Headz

Splatter on your Face (Poem)

A cabinet full of crooks
A drawer full of hate

Pockets full of don’t ask
Splatter on your face

A dream that’s going nowhere
You’re lost and can’t be found

Hide tide for fear of no man
That wall is coming down

Dat HoNKey (Poem)

HoNk HoNk said the HoNKeY
As he skid across the floor

As I kiCkeD him in the head
As he fLew out the door

Then he went into the valley
And sat upon a thrown

And spent his days conspiring
Tootin dat HoNKey hOrN

dOwN Vanilla (Poem)

I got no pound for you killa

I show my fangs when you stand up
You’re like a waste of my venom

HoNKey LuViN HeLL (Poem)

This HeLL is fulla HoNKeyz
This HoNKey LuViN HeLL

This livin ain’t no livin
When deez HoNKeyz ring the bell

I wake up in the early morn
To hear dat honkey horn

Ain’t no change there ain’t no better dayz
When all my life is owned