My Sister’s Keeper (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Niomi. May her next life be abundant in joy and prosperity… I have so many sisters How can I keep them all? I’d need a super brain just to remember who they are But that is no excuse for dispossesing my own worth Preaching faith, joy, kindness And unrelenting love All the while caught up in petty dreams on a cloud where nothing seems to matter but what I can get or everyone can do for me

K2 (Poem)

What’s up with all this potpourri? Is this some typa jokery? It must be for the toilet seat That stretches up and down the streets I’m not sure why they smokin it React like they on heroin

Free Acupuncture (Journal Entry)

I just dids me some free acupuncture. I been putting it on my itinerary for weeks, but I keep forgetting. My sober companion finally reminded me.