Look at All the Haterz (Lyrics)

As far as the eyes can see
It’s safe to say that ain’t no one nowhere be free

Ain’t that just a little too close to home
I love you, But I ain’t a gonna wait too long

Waaays to fall
We got a long waaays to fall

Take you on my wings and roll
We’re headed on our waaays to fall

Covet all but air
Get over but before it comes back to you

Haterade (Poem)

People often wonder
What life is really worth

Even more they complain
About all on God’s Green Earth

They hate and they hate
And never stop to wonder Why?

Why do stumble? Why do we cry?
Why do we ask, with no reply?

Questions go unanswered
Dreams die off with time

Morals tend to fade away
Society gives way to crime

So I present a new crusade
A riddle to be heard and often replayed

Just a reminder…


H is for the Hatred that saturates your soul

A is for the Atrocity that destroys like firey coal

T is for the Trouble that lurks behind every door

E is for the Eternal Suffering that escalates forever more

R is for the Righteousness that claims to be, but is never found

A is for the Asinine that seems to be forever bound

D is for the Dumbfound Bliss that, in the end, does not exist