3 AM (Poem)

It’s always 3 AM in the mind of an addict Time to forget what you need So you can regret what you want Time to break from your life You got a load you can’t bear They keep telling you ‘be grateful’ But they ain’t pouring your fill The only one you ever listen to is that voice in your head Feeding you lies Peddling fear Taking you on rides to nowhere You don’t know how to live You’re a walking defect Don’t even know where to begin making amends for your debt You got a skid row soul You got blight in your head You just forgot what you need And it’s 3 AM

Thinking Messed Me uP Again (Poem)

‘Fuck it’ is such a dangerous thing to say It’s like saying ‘I got this’ when I’ve lost my sanity Change happens against my will No matter how much I want my way When I try to go back it pushes me forward as I fall flat on my face But running from the past is like trying to see the future I always wake up in the same place Stuck in my head with a bottle in my hand My thinking messed me up again Cuz I said ‘Fuck it’ When I should have said grace And I lost my will to move on Stuck in quick sand kicking When I should have stayed still And reached for the nearest arm And I said ‘I got this’ when I should’ve bout faced And listened rather than talking that chase Stuck in my head got me going insane My thinking messed me up again

Instant Bum (Poem)

If you want to be an instant bum Survive by being a hoe Sell your jewels, your car and then your home Your baby’s diapers and your daughter’s clothes If you want to compromise your sexuality for just one more Waste your life away in hallways and bathroom stalls People please until you forget who you are Leave your Mama wondering when she’s gonna get that call If you want to block the blessings that present you everyday Diss the Angels who pray for your recovery Live your life like the Earth ain’t crying out in pain A waste of space in a world gone insane Go ahead Let your disease talk you into one more run But if you don’t pick up You cant get high And you won’t be an instant bum

Getting Clean Problem (Poem)

My life is on the skids My soul is on skid row I got a blight of a mind way out the line inside a tomb I can’t remember when I went mad Allz I know is I’m no fool I got a million reasons why I can’t get in line with all your drool I’m married to my filth Dirt from head to foot I never wash my hand clean of the messes that I earn I’m in debt for things I don’t own anymore I got nothing in my bag At times I reminisce on the life I never had You say I have a drinking problem But I don’t know what that means Maybe you got me confused with somebody who cares what you think