The sLap of SLavery

I don’t care about the damn slap. I don’t care about anything on the news. Regardless of whether it was a ‘real’ sLap, it was still fake because everything in this system is fake. The way people think is fake, the way people feel is fake. The way people react to their fake feelings is […]

That’s the way it goes (Lyrics)

Down side of up Upside of down Wrong side of right Outside of town It’s not alright to feel down It’s not enough to be strong What’s on the news is all the same What’s in their mouths is over rated All the promises are shady They tell us all to settle down That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the way it goes

Cognitive Dissonance (Poem)

Never the tween shall meet… Scientific general consensus? Oxymoronic at best But what’s an oxymoron when nothing makes sense? Fakestream media is locking horns again The GOATs and the Rams pushing cognitive dissonance But what is consensus? In a world where the goats are just here to provoke til their lies are the yoke that yields wind for the oats Scattered in the fields… So densely packed there’s no room for what iSreAL… So far from norm that the norm is Scientifi-KILL All hail to science Kill all freedom that rings… Dissonance