Censor This (Lyrics)

Dead haul
Hanging out the window
Flippin up my finger
Hell if I offend ya

Crocodile Tears (Poem)

Crocodile tears feed the trepid flood
As the devil beats his wife

The scorched Earth’s pleas are a pie in the sky
As she clings for her dear life

Listen to me Now (Lyrics)

Listen to me now
Come together
Gather round
Come on people
Take my hand

Cheese and Cake (Poem)

Restlessly and unaware
Wondering adrift
Await a dream that won’t soon come
Into Apocalypse

Before the Heat (Poem)

Some people change when they see the light
Others when they feel the heat
Still others blinded by the dark
Can’t find what they can’t seek

Eyes on the Prize (Lyrics)

Bear all the weight
With no show
Sit wondering where all the time goes

Keep praying
I’m gonna be strong

No telling when I’m gonna make it home

Commander of Parables (Scripture)

These are the words of He who is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, the Holy Redeemer of Israel, God of all the Living. The message proclaimed since the beginning, in the garden of wisdom that bears the fruit of peace and prosperity until the end of times. The Word spoken among the prophets to direct the children of the Living God, to teach them how to prosper and guide them through the sacred path…

Aware of the Pharaoh (Lyrics)

I won’t go on forgetting
Countin my loss for loss

I’m on the ball for cynics
Tell em go on forget it

All the Way to the Flame (Lyrics)

Since I’m not fit to follow
No one is gonna break my faith
Sin City got a ticket to Neverland
What happens there don’t win nothing new

To be Inspired (Poem)

There is nothing more revolting
Nothing more undesiring
There is nothing more detestable
Than the inspiration of the uninspiring