Rise Anew (Poem)

Why did she stay? A disaffected introvert Constantly searching for answers in the only place she knew she could trust Her mind Disconnected from the culture A visionary whose tunnel discovered the truths that few can comprehend before she ever even read a book He was like an experiment of sorts She knew he had it all wrong But her curiosity was magnetized by rabbit holes And once she went in them she refused to come back out until she went all the way through

Altered Perception (Poem)

The continuum of altered perception begins before we are born and ends only when we identify and interpret its existence The culture of shame in all its nuances is rival to all good senses So vested in in the continuum of inclusion and exclusion that few can escape the scope of its lenses So stuck in the clash of who’s better than who And the war of status And the fight for what’s true That we fail to address the problem at hand The elephant in the room standing up on its head Who can say they are better? As they compete in the battle of shame? Outcasting all who don’t fit in the crowd

Parasite (Poem)

You’re out the range of my character And I wont play wit ya I’ll flip your script Get inside your head And tear it up I’ll social distance you like Delta Knock you so far out the park You’ll be wishing I was Helter Skelter

What you’re not gonna do… (Poem)

This is what you’re not gonna do You’re not getting loud in my face You’re not gonna text me with your dickshit Or talk to me any typa way This is what you’re not gonna say You’re not gonna say you’re the big man You’re not gonna tell me I’m a dirtbag Or that I need to suck a nigga dick

A Full Shit (Poem)

You thought I didn’t give a shit So you treated me like shit When the shit piled up I started slinging the shit So you gave me more shit for slinging the shit that you slung at me Then I dropped your shit And took to the streets on a shit spree


It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna freak out because I am on some next shit and certain ‘people’ are still swimming in their own shit. I would be offended by the fact that certain ‘people’ continue to insult me and ridicule me while I’m try to recover from the same shit they keep throwing at me. But I seriously don’t give a shit anymore

Feelings (Poem)

Why do feelings have names? When they all feel the same When they school in clusters And get preyed on by lames When you can’t find them out Cuz they’re not what you sought When feelings aren’t facts And neither are thoughts

Blame the Doormat (Poem)

Doormats get stepped on Tossed around And thrown away Sometimes they get repurposed To catch a mess Or child’s play But who blames the doormat when their life has gone awry?

Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster King of denial If only I could save you I wouldn’t walk a half a mile You’re a thorn in my side A splinter in my eye The storm that rolls across my sky The shame that makes me wonder why?