The World is Full of Bums (Poem)

Filthy bums
Worthless incompetent swine

Didn’t yo Mamas ever tell you not to shit where you eat?

Ohhhh I can’t take it
I’m going out of my mind

The whole world is full of bums
Lazy fucks of every kind

Fighting over boxes
Doing their dirt in the voting line

Go Back to Your Slumber 2020 (Poem)

The election is over
Time to go back to your slumber
There’s nothing left for you to do but wait and watch
Don’t worry
He’ll fix it
He’ll get it this time
He’s different
He’s special
He’s one of a kind

The Sum of All Fears (Poem)

Voting for a king is the sum of all fears…
Prices rising
Birth control
But in the end of four years the fears come back to haunt you…

A Vote for The People

Hordes of sheeple decked out in red, white and blue. Lined up in rows, waiting to cast their votes to allegedly decide who will dominate the airwaves for the next four years. A pointless tradition, I dare to say. But who am I to say anything? I’m just another incompetent cog in a system that cannot function without a skilled mechanic tinkering with every nut and bolt, or so they say.

Season of the Witch (Poem)

Cast your votes then toss the ballots. It’s the season of the witch
When every voice counts

This time will be different
You heard what he said

His words have power
His potions are iron clad

Forget the other guy
He’s a charlatan at best

At worst
He’s a lizard spawned from the depths