Any MORON could’ve figgered this day would come. Which means the beyond-MORONs who run this shitshow are beyond MORONIC. A new drug has clawed its way to the streets that is more potent that Fentanyl and doesn’t show in drug tests. This is what happens when you ban shit. People just come up with more […]

K2 (Poem)

What’s up with all this potpourri? Is this some typa jokery? It must be for the toilet seat That stretches up and down the streets I’m not sure why they smokin it React like they on heroin

The Gutter (Poem)

I’m coming from the gutter
The land that makes you wonder
The home of the greed
The land of the slave
The hand that takes you under

Beneath the Crack (Poem)

Days seem like hours
Three months went by last week Plans are all forgotten
Woes are all I speak

The Perfect Drug (Poem)

I awoke this morning from a hapless dream
I found the perfect drug and a foolproof scheme
I watched in bliss as my life passed me by
My family, friends, my health and my pride
As I lost everything
I blamed it all on my luck