Rage into the Storm (Lyrics)

I waltzed into a war
And I gave it up to the storm

I took your distant lore
And I gave it up to the storm

Seems like I never go a day
Without a reason to wonder

If we’ll ever turn away
And find another road

Far and wide all the way down
To the evasiveness untold
I know we can relate

All we are is all we ever were
And if we take the time to waltz
I’m sure we’ll find The Way

Raaaaaaaaaage into the storm
Don’t take the fall the fall just rage

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage into the storm
Go get your umbrella and rage

So Thankful (Lyrics)

Walkin down this road alone
Makes me feel like I don’t wanna know

Can’t escape what you done to me
So I’m a do what I came to be

Never wanted to do this all alone
Never wanted to sing this damn song

But I’m the one and only red redrum
I’m the go where you can’t come from

Go get your paper and your Hennessey
Cuz you gon need it when you get a load of me

Rebel (Lyrics)

What it takes just to let it all out?
Too hard just to lay out on the sidewalk

What I speak is for you to know
You can’t stop what you cannot follow

The last stop is just the way to your grave!
You really thought your plans would stand strong?

Trapped Inside a Battlefeild (Lyrics)

Tired as a hero lost in flames…
Lighting up the last fire left in me

Tripping on the fireflies passing by
And I’m thinking bout how what a lovely place to