Timmy Time

I have so much to say about this abortion shit. Mostly, allz I have to say is that’s what you get for thinking that freedom means you have to vote for someone to tell you what to do. Now you gon have your little Timmys and feed them too…


I’m so over sheepalism. When lord? I’m so sick of people blaming things for what they do. If PEOPLE have a drug problem, it’s the drug’s fault, ban drugs. If PEOPLE are killing people with guns, it’s the gun’s fault, ban guns. There’s no accountability for anything. Then they wonder why society is sick. You […]

Stop supporting war

Alla this ‘Support Ukraine’ mess is dangerous propaganda. If you really want to equate Russia to the Alleged Holocaust just remember who IsraHELLs main supporters are and then realize that they used the alleged Holocaust to commit actual genocide against not only Palestine but also Germany. Supporting war is supporting war. I don’t care who’s […]

Dead Wrong (Poem)

You can’t be wrong and strong… Can’t war against the world then claim no fault Can’t take what you want then decimate then cost Can’t bet on an illusion then say it ain’t a loss Can’t raise a system of slaves then blame the slaves when the system falls off Can’t build a bomb then act like some typa savior stopping the world from building the same bomb You can’t be wrong and expect the world not to see through your wall the illusion you create to make it seem like you’re strong when you’re really Dead wrong


Quick question… If these fucktards in government have their mouths wrapped so tightly around each other’s assholes that they don’t even know where the word ‘Liberal’ came from, yet are constantly using it as some typa divisive means to wagon-up, then what they fuck else are they completely clueless about?

Cognitive Dissonance (Poem)

Never the tween shall meet… Scientific general consensus? Oxymoronic at best But what’s an oxymoron when nothing makes sense? Fakestream media is locking horns again The GOATs and the Rams pushing cognitive dissonance But what is consensus? In a world where the goats are just here to provoke til their lies are the yoke that yields wind for the oats Scattered in the fields… So densely packed there’s no room for what iSreAL… So far from norm that the norm is Scientifi-KILL All hail to science Kill all freedom that rings… Dissonance

Another day in the pen… (Poem)

Another day trapped in the sheep pen Gettin fed all typa feed Camped up right side the sheep gate Waiting for my chance to flee I don’t know what they be sayin But I know it ain’t for me Cuz allz I know is I can see and what I see is blasphemy

Crying in my Cornflakes (Poem)

Oh boOo hOoOo I’m crying in my cornflakes Every morn is the same ole thing I watch the news And bOoOo hOoOo in my cornflakes because I got no rights And I’m too lame to think of something new And too dumb to sit and think it through

Doin Too Much (Poem)

Liaisons Put the face on Act like they doing something we want Act like their way is the right way Act like we can’t play the same game But by right They ain’t right Their lost cause, is worldwide Their platform, is all lies Their last stop, is Third Reich

Shadowbanned (Poem)

All my heroes are shadowbanned Losing faith that they’re ever gonna touch land Lost in space Cuz the truth is so alien You can’t find what you can’t seek Or can’t stand