Sexual Preference (Poem)

He, she, him, her, they, them, ze, hir Call me whatever makes you feel secure A pronoun don’t define who I am in this world When I try to define the definition of me The thing that never comes to mind
is a letter to represent my sexuality LGBTQQIAAPDCNGGG What the actual fuck does this have to do with what makes me me?

Doin Too Much (Poem)

Liaisons Put the face on Act like they doing something we want Act like their way is the right way Act like we can’t play the same game But by right They ain’t right Their lost cause, is worldwide Their platform, is all lies Their last stop, is Third Reich

If I get murdered… (Journal Entry)

Today I was assigned to a men’s shelter as part of my internship. It’s in Brooklyn at a spot where one woman was murdered by some homeless dude who had a crush on her. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I suppose I have just as much of a shot getting murdered where I live in Harlem.

Just Remain Calm (Poem)

The kings of the world keep playing that song The one with the hook that says, “Just remain calm!”