Moment of Silence (Poem)

Can you spare a moment of silence? On this deceptively blasphemous day As you carry on in merriment amidst a world of suffering A day to observe the alleged birth of our Lord Matter fact, the birth of The WORD The WORD that has neither feet nor hands nay is a part of this world The WORD of the secret WAY things are The WAY neither seen nor heard The WAY of the winds and the waters and dirt And the fire that cleanses the Earth What do gifts have to do with the way things are? What does greed have to do with God? Who are you to say who is naughty or nice? Who can stand err the Mighty ROD? Turn your laughter into tears And your joy into sorrow And pour out your lecherous cup Neither you nor I nor the kings of the world can rival the God of Love You reap what you sow And you’ll get what you earn In the coming of our vengeful King So do as you will All bets you cant even spare A moment of silence for the still sick and suffering

Queen Zion and the Curse of the Wicked (Scripture)

Resplendent and unfading is Queen Zion the spirit of Wisdom that emanates the precepts of Yahuwah, Lord of the way things are. He built His sanctuary in the heights of Her holy mountain that His Name may remain righteous and unblemished for all generations. His love for Her transcends all things, for She is the attendant at His throne and the Spirit guarding the gates of His Kingdom.

Atheists are Theists (Poem)

Atheists are theists without a cause
They rant and rave to no applause

They hear the word God
And it rattles their nerves

You can smell the blood boil
With every scatterbrained word