Play the 8 Track (Poem)

All hopeful recovering alcoholics beware the wiles of summer are almost here Sunny days and starlit nights Aromatic breezes and charismatic sights

Three Months Sober (Journal Entry)

I’ve been in rehab for almost three months now (sober since Jan 1) and I feel like I could really make the sobriety thing stick this time. The groups have helped to sort out some of my issues. I don’t feel all the hate, shame and resentment anymore. My recovery coach has been a real […]

Step One: The Maze Runner (Twelve Steps)

Truth is often subjectively objective. As oxymoronic as it may seem, reaching the full realization of one’s own truth is like gathering a harvest from the outcroppings of a maze full of twisted turns, entangled snares, and exhaustive dead ends. The outer appearance of such a maze may seem resilient and full of potential. As the maze begins wither, regardless of the amount of care it receives, onlookers may frown upon its appearance, scoff the caretaker, and write off the maze as a lost cause.

The Allergy (Poem)

My judgment is laden with malady
I can feel the scourge immersing my brain
The trance sets in
I can’t control my thoughts
My body disassociates my mind

Childhood Addict Behavior (Journal Entry)

I been jonesing for sweets since I got sober. Much like in active addiction, I keep telling myself all day I’m not going to indulge in my bedtime snack. But you know how that goes…

Acting like a Newborn (Poem)

It’s not hard to see
Why I can’t get my way
Why my pleas end in silence
Why my words spawn disgrace
My whole world is a maze
When I’m acting like a newborn

Acceptance (Twelve Steps)

Perception can excruciate your best of days and rectify your worst. When your spirit is dry as kindling, any flicker of a spark can blow up your life and send you fleeing from the house you filled with tumbleweeds and briars.

Let me try this again… (Twelve Steps)

Hello, my name is Maria and I am a…
fall down
barf shit and never clean it up
saint by day demon by night

My Kaleidoscope (Poem)

I found my silver lining tucked away in sharded glass Stacks on stacks of broken dreams, unfinished goals, uncharted maps They said that I could find it If only I could breathe If only I could hold my breath Fall on bended knees ‘It works if you work it’ The slogan of the day So […]

No fireflies in cemeteries is a travesty (Journal Entry)

Ever since I was a child I have been buggin on cemeteries. At first, it was a playful thing. My father would take me to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during my summer visits in the Bronx, and for some strange reason, there was always a cemetery nearby. The adults would attend the meetings, and the children […]