To inspire a revolution of sustainability and camaraderie

Our Mission

We seek to incorporate the principles of peer support, civic duty, anarchism and community ownership into a revolutionary means of establishing self-sustained communities that operate independently from the federal government. TheSeedSowerz Communications will become and umbrella company through which we will disseminate information about our child companies as well as information about the hemp and permaculture revolutions.

Our child companies will include a decentralized video sharing community, a platform that provides the tools and information necessary for participating in civic duty, and an events/business directory that will raise money to fuel the revolution. We will also focus on raising money to win court battles against all who violate “fair use” by submitting fraudulent DMCA notices.

Our History

TheSeedSowerz Communications was founded in 2014 by your average smack-talking, black-out, drunken alcoholic. I’ve been kicked off of most of the main social networks for trolling. I have since worked through many of my PTSD provoked social issues. Much of my recovery was inspired by the principles of peer support, which is why I want to incorporate such principles into a larger movement of camaraderie.

Contact Us

9 Nunyobidniss Ave
New York, NY

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