Dear Marshall

Stop frontin… The eNd

The Backwards Man (Poem)

Bedeviled by the backwards man He’s got the whole world diggin his backwards dance He’s got a backward suit And a backward stance
No one walks backward fast as he can

Nighthawk (Poem)

Looming, cataclysmic, ill-fated prophesies taunt my daily reprieve A nightawk passing time Skulking Hovering Haunting Waiting A constant reminder of the things I wish I could forget

Working on my Vision Statement

I’m working on my Vision Statement Then I shall edit my Mission Statement That is if I can stop rhyming for five seconds… Viva la Rebellion

Three Months Sober (Journal Entry)

I’ve been in rehab for almost three months now (sober since Jan 1) and I feel like I could really make the sobriety thing stick this time. The groups have helped to sort out some of my issues. I don’t feel all the hate, shame and resentment anymore. My recovery coach has been a real […]

I’m feeling all Twitterpated for no reason

Somebody heLLLp… I’m gonna throw up…

I’m trying to write a prophesy…

Leave me alone…
I can’t be rhyming all the live long day…

WordPress Stop Jacken My Swag

This is the fifth time this week your editor chopped my rhymes when I posted… Damn… Put yer big kid pants on…

Covid 2020 (Poem)

I don’t care about Covid I already caught it Possibly about a hundred times I may likely have caught it before any of you knew it was a thing… I gave it to my fatherThe baby boomerAnd my 91 year old grandma They didn’t even sweat it… Welp… Maybe my grandma got some diarrhea It […]

WordPress editor sucks

I’m super annoyed right now. I don’t know what the Block Editor is for anyway. I suppose it’s for the fancy layouts, but it does me no good when I’m trying to post from a phone and can’t do Shift Enter to create the next line. So I use the Classic Editor which shows up […]