Keys to The Kingdom (Lyrics)

I got the keys to The Kingdom
Waiting for the right time to click the handle

West to the Eastside
Fear no wrong
We gon kick the anthem

Feel me on the get down
Nic nac patty wac give my dogs a real stack

In the battle ground
Seen on top
Don’t get no louder now

Hands on the hot sauce
Who you gon call when you flip the boss off?

I’m a Butterfly (Lyrics)

I’m a caterpillar
I won’t stop until I’m full
I’m a butterfly
My chrysalis will set me free
Won’t you take a step back
And watch as I transpire
Into what I am

No Tellin (Lyrics)

There’s no tellin
Why I can’t look you in your eyes

You tell me something
But I can’t see the truth in your lies

I’ll get through, But
Right now your ignorance is your fall

You take all, But
Your all is never what you give all

So tell me something
Why you can’t do what you say what you gonna do?

Go do you then
I’ll hit back
Get that
Bitch I’m a do you in

Yell it out a Window (Lyrics)

Lies are what make us settle Truth gonna tear us apart Yell it out a window Ooh ahah oOoh ahahah Tired of the fight or fly off Burnt out on what you say Back up against the Ooh ahah oOoh ahahah You hardly ever win a battle You say I’ll never win the war I’m […]

Only Heaven Knows (Lyrics)

Here’s to all the
Hell if I knows
No goodbye notes
Lost the light
Better when you’re woke

Hell is Coming (Lyrics)

Passing down your sidewalk
Listening to the sound of your answer

Not for nothing you’re an iDiOT
It pays be your nemesis

Death is all you want, You want to
Pain is all you ask for

Fire up the night or the night won’t fade
All your blunder

The cost of most is pennies a day
Yeah it’s nice to know what it costs to hate

Like river of blood heading for the lake
The last hope is miles away

I hope you don’t get there
I hope the wind slows you do-ow-ow-ow-own

Mess around, Oh yeah
Hell is coming for a long long time now

Mess around, Oh yeah
Hell is coming for a long long time now

Rage into the Storm (Lyrics)

I waltzed into a war
And I gave it up to the storm

I took your distant lore
And I gave it up to the storm

Seems like I never go a day
Without a reason to wonder

If we’ll ever turn away
And find another road

Far and wide all the way down
To the evasiveness untold
I know we can relate

All we are is all we ever were
And if we take the time to waltz
I’m sure we’ll find The Way

Raaaaaaaaaage into the storm
Don’t take the fall the fall just rage

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage into the storm
Go get your umbrella and rage

Kiss My Guitar (Lyrics)

I went down town just the other day
And I saw you there
You didn’t look my way

So I cracked my fingers
And I filled my sack
Then I headed onto the other track

As I headed out
You looked my way

I saw the look in your eyes
And I heard you say

“This town ain’t meant for you to come around here.
We have class
This ain’t the New Frontier!”

So I slammed my truck
And watched you stop in your track

I had enough
Wanted to throw you a smack

So I reached down yonder
Grabbed my guitar
Then I played this song just like a country star

Head Mack (Lyrics)

I don’t know
What you got on me

Better not stop
when you swing on me

I can hold
My own
Like it’s going outta style

Better think twice
When you pick on me

You should gooooo
I really won’t stop

You should leave
Best bet

Bar is set, oh oh oh
And you ain’t all that

Like I beeeeeee
Head Mack

So Thankful (Lyrics)

Walkin down this road alone
Makes me feel like I don’t wanna know

Can’t escape what you done to me
So I’m a do what I came to be

Never wanted to do this all alone
Never wanted to sing this damn song

But I’m the one and only red redrum
I’m the go where you can’t come from

Go get your paper and your Hennessey
Cuz you gon need it when you get a load of me