The Bough Breaks (Lyrics)

Down by the river
I see the sunflowers in the rain
And I can’t forgive that double rainbow
For finding me a dead end road again

I said the things you didn’t knowI said the things that hurt your soul I said the things you didn’t want me to sayI said so many thingsI don’t know what else to say Try to find your way to go oh oh woe oe oe Try, you won’t find, you won’t find, you won’t […]

Here Comes The Devil (Lyrics)

I can’t remember
When I was young

When I was happy
When I was whole

I lost my memory
In frivolous songs
In thoughtless fantasies
In mindless causes

Don’t Care Long Hair (Lyrics)

the following is a song that has been bleeding in my heart for a long long time… Don’t careLong hair I will wait for you I saw the Son riseAnd the sugar fall I will wait for you

Lonely Road (Lyrics)

Lonely Road
Getting lost on the way
I hear you
In the know
99 miles away
Ain’t a doubt along the way
That would make me long for yesterday

Have Mercy (Lyrics)

The birds are in the trappers
And the plastic in the waters
I pray for you
But nothing comes
I’m in too deep

Trying to Forget (Lyrics)

I spent so many years
trying to forget my pain
trying to forget my heartache
trying to forget my shame

I spent so many nights
trying to drown out my sorrow
trying to black out my head
trying to get through these days

Into Eternity (Lyrics)

Oh no
Way up out my hell hole No way to get up
I’m a lay low Wait for the chance to erase
The one we gave the reign to
Gave it up for ransom The next time I see him
I’m a ditch him

Keys to The Kingdom (Lyrics)

I got the keys to The Kingdom
Waiting for the right time to click the handle

West to the Eastside
Fear no wrong
We gon kick the anthem

Feel me on the get down
Nic nac patty wac give my dogs a real stack

In the battle ground
Seen on top
Don’t get no louder now

Hands on the hot sauce
Who you gon call when you flip the boss off?

I’m a Butterfly (Lyrics)

I’m a caterpillar
I won’t stop until I’m full
I’m a butterfly
My chrysalis will set me free
Won’t you take a step back
And watch as I transpire
Into what I am