The Lie (Poem)

Retelling the same story Getting picked off one by one We don’t know how to talk to each other Better at hating than showing up The disease that we call addiction is more cunning than can be discerned It doesn’t start when we dance with the devil Or live a lifestyle of chasing dirt If The People have been corrupted They didn’t yield by happenstance Where did the dirt come from? Who taught the devil how to dance? The truth is so baffling So deceptive and insideous So manipulative and progressive So relentless and obscene The truth is so simple That very few can truly see A world bewitched by confusion is based on a The Lie that we call a ‘The System’

Political Ping Pong

I am one-hunnit picent fed-up with all you sheeple who maintain your pledge of allegiance to the two-party scam. Every time your chosen tyrant makes it into office, you forget all the promises they suddenly forget they made, and then furthermore support whatever tyranny they want to enforce because it somehow suits your needs at the moment. Then when the G-Bird tilts to the other wing, you are suddenly infuriated that the other side is exercising the same tyranny that you had previously supported.

Porn Destroys Men and their Penises

I’ve been thinking about how repulsive men are lately and how stupid women are for submitting to their penises. I was going to write a poem about it, but there’s nothing poetic about it. Men are disgusting, filthing cave dwellers and the more women submit to their primal instincts the more primitive they become. At this rate, women are destined to go full lesbian as men increasingly fall castrate from erectile dysfunction due to the fact that they are no longer aroused by real life women.