Crisis actors, inflatable snowmen and the vagina in the sky

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, hell is what we make it and happiness belongs to all who choose to own it. But what goes for reality? Is it something we choose, create, behold? Does it come in a box tied with a bow? If we reject it will it simply go away?

Twitter: Call of the Birdbrainz

Twitter… The call of the birdbrainz… Pecking ground of America’s first functionally illiterate President… As if one needs further reason to question the logistics of using Twitter for any purpose other than child’s play, allow me to elaborate on this Nirvana of disillusionment.

It’s the land of memes, one-liners and hashtag games. Where intellectual debate involves reiterating disinformation like mockingbirds, and the smartest of the flock are the birds who stir the most wind up other bird asses.

Community Ownership: The pathway to prosperity

Our main priority for this revolution is to demonstrate how community ownership provides greater prosperity than capitalism ever will

Writer’s Revolution – Viva la Rebellion

We boldly invite all to join us on the battlefield in one last daring attempt to claim The People’s throne and bring all truth to light

The Sheep, The Wolves & The Pigs

The Sheep have lost sight through their thick matted wool They stay bumpin headz and forgot who is who Their Shepherd the Wolves don’t know how to shear They triCk for the sake, Prey on the fear The Pigs give a damn who or what can’t hold through Their trough is a flood that no one […]

kLiPpiDy kLop

That’s the sound SHEEEPLe make as their Shepherd leads them to sLaughter…