Life is Stupid and it Sucks (Lyrics)

Life is stupid OoOh oOoh And it sucks Life is awful bum bum And so dumb I Have a roof Over My head I have pillows on my warm bed I am plump Cuz I’m well fed I Have a story Cuz I’m not dead

Ease Up (Lyrics)

Day and night All through Seeing eyes all watching you Take a load off Kick your feet up See these days go marching by All the while All is fatal Ain’t nothing holding on


I keep telling myself to start recording myself singing my damn songs. But every time I write a song I forget to record it then I cant figger out for the life of me how it goes. Like my last song I wrote. I’m trying to figger out how it goes and all I can come up with is some typa jingle. I was gonna write a rap fir the last part but I forgot the damn beat…

I Only Need One Like (Lyrics)

It’s my time And you’re not On my side You ain’t wit it Don’t get it I only need one like My wayside Will get right You ain’t wit it Forget it I only need one like One like, one like, one like To win it I only need one like One like, one like, one like To win it

Lift Me Up (Lyrics)

I dont know what it is that makes me this way I got the bottle burning into my brain Can’t slap the taste out Can’t stop the fall I’m on a one way to the end of the road

Scream for Freedom (Lyrics)

How long Must I wait To be free from war To believe anything I pray And I pray What it takes to believe What it takes to be free Get up And screeeam For freedom Freedom Get up And screeeam For freedom Freedom

We Can’t Hide (Lyrics)

We fly High high high high high high
We can’t hide Hide hide hide hide hide hide hide No love too great No hope to high

You’re Like the Sunshine (Lyrics)

Better known for the frown on your face You walk around like you don’t really give a hot damn Lost all your faith from standing on the wall

Oh Shit (Lyrics)

I got my mind outside ya’ll Lit up on the strip Flagging down a unicorn Flippin my shit How long? Before I’m laying on the sidewalk Praying I don’t die

Silence Don’t Take (Lyrics)

The city silence don’t take See all the silence is yo-o-ours The silence is yo-o-ours Time don’t go back I’m a be oooon To make you-ooh walk in the raaaain