My First Veggie Meat Crumble

I made my first homemade veggie meat crumble. It could come out better but I don’t have all the spices I need. I mixed it with peppers, onions and shiratake noodle. It came out aiight. Much cheaper than store bought with way less waste… I’m on my way…

Bi Weekly Trash

Check out my little bag of trash that took my two weeks to fill… And I’m trying to cut that out too. When I’m done going full vegan I plan on having one garbage bag per month… Waste Free 2023…

FuCken dudez

I’ll never unnustan dudes. How does it seem like a great idea to go around picking up on chick willy nilly? I already know that it’s inevitably going to end, most likely in disaster, so what’s the point? Nobody can get on my level. Plus, I got my own shit to deal with so I […]

That’s iiiT

I’m utterly annoyed by the fact that nobody on Staten Island recycles. I just asked my boss if we have a paper recycling bin. She looked at my like I had a butthole on my forehead. It took like three minutes to explain the concept of recycling. Now I’m thinking that NYC doesn’t actually recycle […]

Covid Time

Apparently, I was extra exposed to Covid last night. If I didn’t catch it, I will be surprised. Maybe I’ll test positive and get a paid break from work. I lost all my paid days when I switched shifts on my first job, and I hafta accrue days on my second job so I don’t […]

The Shame Game

I was watching some documentary about the culture of shaming people on the internet that Monica Louinski directed or produced or some shit. And it reminded me of some ideas I had for my theoretical social nework/video sharing platform. I would create a platform that actually serves a purpose: To rebel against institutions. Thus we […]

Free Speech is Dead

I comprehend that some people have some pretty wacky ideas about the world. And then there are people who take their suspicions to a whole other level of assault such as Alex Jones. But there are also millions of people who have legitimate reason for believing in so-called ‘conspiracies.’ Mind you, it’s not a conspiracy […]

Avocados & Almonds: The Vegan Hypocrisy

I have watched hundreds of vegan videos on ASstube and the one thing that annoys me to no end is the vegan obsession with avocados and almonds. First of all, vegans don’t eat honey because it harms bees. Yet avocados and almonds, among other crops, also hurt bees. California farmers rent bees from all over […]

People vs. Institutions

I’m so sick of trying to explain what should be common sense. And while there are numerous factors that have turned a Grand Illusion into what many people perceive as ‘reality’ I blame the new age wave of illusion on Twatter and FaCebOoOo… These two platforms are the main source of insurmountable chaos and confusion. […]

Reading up on Feminism

It’s been a long day. I’m one of the only people who works during the Thanksgiving break, and for some reason this is the deadest holiday of all. But I did finally learn to play spades, and I read all about feminism. Second-wave feminism, radical feminism, toxic feminism, inclusive feminism, White feminism, etc. Each sect […]