Stop supporting war

Alla this ‘Support Ukraine’ mess is dangerous propaganda. If you really want to equate Russia to the Alleged Holocaust just remember who IsraHELLs main supporters are and then realize that they used the alleged Holocaust to commit actual genocide against not only Palestine but also Germany. Supporting war is supporting war. I don’t care who’s […]

2 Hunnit Yo

I weigh 2 Hunnit Pounds yo… Do I look extra, extra large? Wait… it’s all in my ass and tittays… Guess you can’t see ay? Does my face look large?

NYC Weather bLowz

As much as I love NYC, I can’t with the weather. It makes me so tired all the time, I can’t take it. I just wanna go ta bed forever. But hey, I like the people here better than the West Side so it’s a compromise I’m willing to endure. We have more personality over […]

I do self loathing

Sometimes I do self loathing. You know like… Waaah… I’m a loser, I suck, I’ll never write anything good, my brain is broken, why am I so weird, Lizardz is always tryina jack my swag, I got another dimple in my butt, how can I afford my eating habit, I’m a krazy person who thinks […]

What the honkey…

Something happened while I was getting my prescriptions. I don’t know what but check out all the police and ambulances. It was wayyyy too synchronized if you ask me. But what do I know…

I’ve been activated

Mu uh uh ah aaaaaaah…

Radiofrequency Device

I think my radiofrequency device is working. Everyday the spots on my face get lighter and my zits aren’t surfacing. They’re there cuz I can feel them but I can’t see them. I’m also doing peels, stemcells. Peptides, retinol and ceramatides so it’s prolly not just the device.


I was thinking about what a loser I am when I recieved an alert saying an item was removed from my credit which sliced my debt in half… thank you Credit Saint…

Went to Harlem

I had to go to Harlem and I think I caught Covid. I don’t know why but I just really think so. There was all these White people on the train with no masks and I kept putting my fingers in my mouth. And it’s raining. What do you think?

Billboard Awards

I’m trying to figger out why I was so irritated by that little girl’s speech last night at the Billboard awards. I immediately turned it off after that. It wasn’t so the speech as it was the platform and the age of the girl. Something just wasn’t right about it. They made her out to […]