Free Speech is Dead

I comprehend that some people have some pretty wacky ideas about the world. And then there are people who take their suspicions to a whole other level of assault such as Alex Jones. But there are also millions of people who have legitimate reason for believing in so-called ‘conspiracies.’ Mind you, it’s not a conspiracy if it’s happening right in front of your face. What the government and its supremacist counterparts are doing right now is not conspiracy, its straight, up in your face, brazen and unapologetic oppression and slavery.

If I had it my way, I would start a video sharing platform where the foundation of its existence is to support fair use and free speech. As a platform, we will provide advice and guidance for how people can present their ideologies without getting sued. Then we will furthermore go after every last motherfucker who tries to deny anyone’s right to fair use or free speech.

I don’t give a crap whether people are right or wrong about their beliefs. I will fight to the death to ensure everyone has the right to express themselves and their opinions. The owners of this system, and their little lap dogs seem to think that if the suppress peoples thoughts then they can control the narrative. And that may be true in the short term. But eventually, those who have been stripped of the right to have a mind will one day burst into and explosion of extremely angry and possibly violent rebellion.

If the owners were actually ‘innocent’ in the matter, they wouldn’t need to go through such extreme lengths to shut people up. All they would need to do is speak the truth. But they can’t to that because their truth will not set them or anybody free…

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