Avocados & Almonds: The Vegan Hypocrisy

I have watched hundreds of vegan videos on ASstube and the one thing that annoys me to no end is the vegan obsession with avocados and almonds. First of all, vegans don’t eat honey because it harms bees. Yet avocados and almonds, among other crops, also hurt bees. California farmers rent bees from all over the US to pollinate their vast expanses of avocado and almond trees. And when the pollen is gone, the bees have nothing to eat. Plus, the fact that bees are being transported to foreign land also puts them at risk of disease and other issues that can weaken their colonies.

On top of that, both avocados and almonds require an abundance of water. The fact that these crops are being grown in the desert is completely illogical. Every time I see people eating these things all I think of is drought, famine and plague. Yet, millions of vegans who tout their lifestyle as cruelly free and environmentally sustainable are voraciously gorging on the two most unsustainable crops in the food industry…

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