The Shame Game

I was watching some documentary about the culture of shaming people on the internet that Monica Louinski directed or produced or some shit. And it reminded me of some ideas I had for my theoretical social nework/video sharing platform. I would create a platform that actually serves a purpose: To rebel against institutions. Thus we […]

Free Speech is Dead

I comprehend that some people have some pretty wacky ideas about the world. And then there are people who take their suspicions to a whole other level of assault such as Alex Jones. But there are also millions of people who have legitimate reason for believing in so-called ‘conspiracies.’ Mind you, it’s not a conspiracy […]

Avocados & Almonds: The Vegan Hypocrisy

I have watched hundreds of vegan videos on ASstube and the one thing that annoys me to no end is the vegan obsession with avocados and almonds. First of all, vegans don’t eat honey because it harms bees. Yet avocados and almonds, among other crops, also hurt bees. California farmers rent bees from all over […]

Sylvia Plath (Poem)

Sylvia Plath Poems upon poem til her last dying breath But wouldn’t it be awkward if her last dying death Was proliferated by the misinterpretation of whatever was left?

Poeticism (Poem)

I saw then I wrote Then other people read what I wrote Then other people interpreted what they read The eNd

The Pendulum (Poem)

You’ve learned all the wiles of the system You’ve mastered all the petty ways to get what you want You’ve taken sides in the waywashing pendulum Only to realize its vices neverend So at what point will you realize your concession? The only thought that will reach you to your conquest? Just STOP for a moment and realize You do not own anything

The Joker’s Fight (Poem)

Nobody wants justice anymore Nobody cares about equality Everybody just wants what they want A better seat in the house of tyranny Nobody seeks Truth anymore They only seek what they want to see But loathe and behold The world that we see is the antithesis of reality How can we want justice? when justice is just a mirage? In a world where there is no justice Only fallacies and lies on lies And how can we seek Truth? when we don’t see with our eyes? We see what we are told to see And then fight the Joker’s fight)


How many little girls and boys will grow up in the ‘fame’ industry to one day be made to believe they are leaders in the same industry through some typa rebellion against the same industry that is banking on the alleged ‘rebellion’ that wants everyone to think, act, behave, and stand for the same industry […]