It’s ALL Because… (Poem)

Why why why? The question of The Day As if the question requires an answer As if the Answer is NOT on display Why are things are The Way things are? The answer is so simple It’s ALL because…

Disturbed (Lyrics)

I am perturbed Disturbed Obsurd Thinking them thangs Obstained Unheard of Saying them thangs Oh no Don’t say it Doing them thangs What the hell you thinking


I’m coming through You better watch your step You never saw this kind of pain standing in your path I’m like the doctor’s order You’re like a brain disorder I send you on your way Appraised to say your time is over I get it from my faith You get it from your father It’s all genetically pathetic And it’s not your fault so I’ll take you on my arm I’ll teach you right from wrong I’ll show you how to play the game Before it’s all so-long I’ll tuck you in at night Erase your fears and make em right I’ll show you all is wrong I’ll do what can’t be done I’ll take you for a ride Reveal the truth you cannot hide You’ll taste the burn of wrath Won’t stop til you been had And when you start to cry I’ll turn and say goodbye My life is all for you Won’t stop until you’re through I dream a dream of love My dream all too just Your dream will never do Huh… your dream is through Imagine that Imagine all the glory It’s like a perfect happy ending to a famous story Get get it when you get this song Why can’t we all just get along My world is falling down I guess I’m wrong… I get it all alone I get it on my ring tone I get your wise crack Bddd ddd. Ddddd (drum) Why’s that? I feel it when I phone home I see the Revelation I give my proclamation Throw your hands up all across the nation

People vs. Institutions

I’m so sick of trying to explain what should be common sense. And while there are numerous factors that have turned a Grand Illusion into what many people perceive as ‘reality’ I blame the new age wave of illusion on Twatter and FaCebOoOo… These two platforms are the main source of insurmountable chaos and confusion. […]