Reading up on Feminism

It’s been a long day. I’m one of the only people who works during the Thanksgiving break, and for some reason this is the deadest holiday of all. But I did finally learn to play spades, and I read all about feminism. Second-wave feminism, radical feminism, toxic feminism, inclusive feminism, White feminism, etc. Each sect takes parts of the general feminist ideology the pushes it to a whole other ridiculous level. Now I see why feminists make no sense. They fight against each other more often than they do anything resembling progress.

I suppose the feminism that makes the most sense is inclusive feminism where men are encouraged to be part of the conversation about the patriarchy that is oppressing both men and women. But then why call it feminism? Why stick to identifying through a movement that has clearly imploded on itself? If men and women are to start negotiations on the table of equality, it cannot succeed under the constructs of the feminist conundrum…

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