State Politics vs Christianity

My mind is boggled as to why, after all these years, Christians still have not realized the Truth of Scripture. The main glaring Truth that is Prophesied to erupt during the eNd of Dayz is that the gentile court is THE ANTICHRIST. So now here you are, at the eNd of Dayz FORNICATING with The Antichrist then spurning hypocritical divisions because the gentile court does not adhere to Scripture…

Are you fuCken rEtArDed?

The Church was originally an underground rebellion against The State. Yeah sure, True Christians followed the rules if the state so as not to fan the flames of destruction, but True Christians also operated independently from The State through their own community based governments. They did not participate in the workings of the gentile court and they did not adhere to gentile traditions.

So until Christianity returns to its original ways, you will be nothing but a bunch of hypocrites on the pathway to destruction…

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