A Blind Man’s Walk (Poem)

How far will a blind man go to reach his destination? How many things will he touch to reach his goal? How long will he take to put everything in its place? So that nothing will trip him up to his fall?

The Sin Hypocrisy

The main TRUTH that alleged Christians are too rEtArDed to see is the sheer fuCkeN platform of The Christ. In case you haven’t noticed, through your strict regimen of studying Scripture by allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the conclusions of men… Pretty much everything humans do these days is considered a sin that warrants […]

State Politics vs Christianity

My mind is boggled as to why, after all these years, Christians still have not realized the Truth of Scripture. The main glaring Truth that is Prophesied to erupt during the eNd of Dayz is that the gentile court is THE ANTICHRIST. So now here you are, at the eNd of Dayz FORNICATING with The […]

I will NEVER get Married

As someone who actually comprehends the sancity of marriage, I will never get married. Christians destroyed the concept of marriage the moment they put it up for debate in the gentile court. Now marriage is just another set of bullshit rules that enable the masses to take advantage and destroy each other. The whole concept […]