Voting Day

SoOoOo… Today was one of the most bLasphemous days of the year. Obviously, I didn’t vote. The day I decide to vote is the day when I get to vote on actual Laws rather than voting for a representative to make my decisions for me. Anyhoo… I have a ReAL question for all you voters to ponder…

I know this all seems completely normal to you, seeing as everything that is deemed as ‘right’ in this slave system is actually a mechanism to maintain your slavery. I am not going to tell you the answer to this question. You will eventually realize the Truth regardless of what I have to say.

So the question is…

In this Paradise Earth that was established through Anarchy… Why are we stuck in a system where ‘freedom’ involves voting for a human being to tell you what to do?

Think about that ReeeeeeAL HARD then get back to me…

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