The Rise of the ReAL Jewz

I feel like many of Black people know they are the ReAL Jewz but they just don’t know what to do with that information. So lemme break it down for you. The same way Black people talk about White people right in front of them without White people knowing what Black people are talking about is the same way the Scripturez are written.

The nations that make up The Beast are the White supremacist nations. These nations notoriously stole everything they could get their tentacles on including the Jewish/Christian Scripturez/GOD. It is believed among the African nations that before the White Man came, the Black people had the land and the White Man had the Bible. Then the White Man had the land and the Black people had the Bible. This is only partially true. The Scripturez already belonged to the Black people. The White Man was unwittingly returning it to the rightful owners after hundreds of years of trying to destroy it.

And the destruction of Scripturez didn’t stop there. Throughout the reign Holy Roman Empire, the Church did everything possible to prevent the Scripturez from being reproduced including torturing and murdering anybody caught reproducing it. At the same time, they corrupted The WORD by forcing people to believe lies. The Good Newz is they never successfully destroyed The WORD, they just forced people to believe the lies.

And so it remains that these White Christians still have no fucking clue what the Bible says because it was written by Black people who were Prophesying against The White Man. And now we are in the eNd of Dayz when the ReAL Jewz will remember who they are and start preaching the ReAL Truth that will set us free from the ANTICHRIST…

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