A Prayer for Narcissists

It took a long time to fully realize how narcissism affects its unsuspecting victims. Because narcissists are very good at making themselves seem like the heroes, the do-gooders, the ones who are never at fault. I see now that this behavior not only stems from the way they were raised but also from the society they grew up in. I feel that the true source of narcissism is derived from being in survival mode. At some point in the narcissist life, survival mode kicked in and they began viewing people as objects that serve only to fulfill their own purpose.

So my prayer for you is that you will see beyond the wall you have created for yourself. That you will see how your words and actions are a detriment and not a survival tactic. That you are worth so much more than you know. And that I wish you peace, love and true happiness in your life…

In the name of Love I pray…

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