Undoing Racism

It’s my sixth day of rest and I still have six days to go. I think my mental eruption is over. Anyhoo, yesterday I started attending a workshop called Undoing Racism and it totally renewed my faith in humanity. I really want to see how deep I can get into this one. So as they were illustrating the issue of racism they perfecting described why I am a communist without ever mentioning the term.

We discussed the various reasons why people are poor. On one side was listed the systemic reasons and the other side was the service oriented reasons. So the services were instituted because the system failed so we can end poverty or undo racidm through services. There must be a systemic movement to counteract the systems.

We did this exercise about thinking outside the box. And nobody could figure it out. Many said it was impossible. Then when we were talking about poverty, many people were also saying it’s impossible.

I was thinking in my head that the only reason they’re saying its impossible is because they are still thinking inside the box. Like they said, the system is the problem them only another system can end the problem. The just don’t know what the system is. At some point I’ll tell them about communism. I didn’t want to give the big speech at the time, plus I was tired af.

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