The Washington Experiment

SOOoOoo… I feel that every place I ever lived has been an experiment for me. I didn’t see it back then but I TRULY see it now…

When I lived in Washington State, I lived in a White people territory. I don’t remember any non-White faces where I lived. As far as I knew, from the White people around me, there were Reservations all around where Native Americans were living comfortably. They were getting rich off casinos and getting money from the US government for education and other things. Then I would also hear about the very hard-working spanish apple workers who were an important part of the economy…

One day, I was going somewhere with my Jehovah’s Witness friend and she decided to take us on a detour to visit a Reservation. I was completely mortified by this visitation. I could not believe that people were living in such poverty in the US. If any of these houses existed in a White neighborhood, they would be condemned.

This happened in my early twenties and it was a pivotal moment in my thought process when it comes to thinking about ra cism. I feel like these White people were not just uneducated. Because that would mean they were given the wrong information. They were straight up ignorant, because all they needed to do to educate themselves was to take a short ride…

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