Ice Town Dream

I had the kraziest most exhilarating dream last night. It just went on and on. I was on an airplane that was like a hotel lobby. We flew into a storm and entered into a strange mountain village that was made of ice and clouds. The ice and clouds were fashioned into extravagant houses, shops and other amazing feats of imagination. We got stuck trying to drive the plane up a mountain road. At first, I had no idea where we were but everyone else knew that it was a town full of monsters who hated humans. Nobody ever saw the monsters, they just knew they were there. At some point, we had no choice but to venture into the magical town. It was like a shopping mall with no clerks. We got to help ourselves to everything. The only problem is that people started going missing one by one…

I suppose the destination we were trying to reach was atop the Mountain. And the Ice Town full of monsters was the American Dream. And instead of getting off the plane and continuing up the Mountain, we decided to indulge in the Ice Town regardless of the fact that we knew the monsters were there. We were afraid we wouldn’t make it up the Mountain, but we knew the monsters would kill us. We chose the monsters instead…

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