Just Breathe, part Two (Poem)

Don’t tell me to breathe Don’t tell me to meditate Don’t tell me to pray my heart out Or just sit and wait Cuz I breathe everyday Yet breathing is my true heartache And I do meditate But it always ends in back to the same place And I pray my heart out But the boomerang never comes back And I do sit and wait Until I realize that Black does crack

What happened in Egypt?

So Egypt is one of the more complicated concepts to explain in Scripturez. Egypt is the first head on the Beast, the dawn of civilization, and the beginning of the White Man’s uprising. Egypt was greatly inspired by Sumer, which is where the concept of money, slavery, hierarchy, trade and WRITING were born. However, the […]

The Rise of the ReAL Jewz

I feel like many of Black people know they are the ReAL Jewz but they just don’t know what to do with that information. So lemme break it down for you. The same way Black people talk about White people right in front of them without White people knowing what Black people are talking about […]

Christian Hypocrisy (Poem)

You on a horse? You gotta go You in the way? You cannot stay here You cannot have What you can’t hold up You cannot play a game you don’t belong to

Broken Lense (Poem)

The lense of my life is blurred and broken. I see only what I wish I could see. Everything else has become an obstruction. A perilous fight to make it through the day. The fog of my mind is the means to my end. How can I see the light through a thick cloud and […]

Nature of The Messiah?

I was reading upon on historical events of today, October 22. Today was the day that the Holy Roman Empire up and decided, through the Chalcedonian Creed, what the True nature of Christ was. First of all, ‘Christ’ is the name they decided to called him. Everything they say is a lie. The Messiah is […]

Which Side (Lyrics)

Night falls Lights off Seemz like I’m gonna need a flamethrower Time flies Not for long Seemz like I better make the best of it Whoes side are you on lately? What side is gonna get you somewhere? Both wings of the bird are broken Both sides are gonna get you hopeless

Rehab Referral

My rehab referral just went South. The girl bailed as the cab was coming. I hate when they do that. It feels good to be back at work. Better than staying home trying to fight the urge to go back to bed. It’s a real sickness…

White Man World (Poem)

This White Man shit got me reeeeeeal twisted I want to bury that bitch But there are waaaaaay too many obstacles in the way of my FIST First of all I’m a White woman living in the White Man land Living among so many people who are hurting It’s too much to comprehend But I try And I try so hard Then I get discouraged Cuz ain’t nothing happening Then I want to crawl in a hole and die What’s the worth of my life?

Whitewashed (Poem)

The systems of be-LIE-fs in this whitewashed land Are more than I can take More than I can stand I try to stand up Then I get knocked back down Debased and ridiculed Told to move to another land But this land ain’t your land This land ain’t mine This land is God’s land And we are trespassers of the worst kind We take what we want Give nothing back But a whole lot of garbage And an ocean full of plastic Then we act like we’re better A different kind of humankind As we exploit and oppress And take sides on the cash line