Night Whisperer (Poem)

Are you still here with me? Cuz I’m already gone A night whisperer I’m just here til the morn

Things I said I would do (Lyrics)

The things I said I’ll do are shrinking … As I walk through the valley What I shall not do … The things I said I’ll do Got me thinking … That the things I said I’ll do will be out here again That there ain’t nothing wrong with a little messed up With a little unwind With a little ‘have some’ With a little step back And just take for a ride And just crash through the house Where what I said I would do What I said I would do has got me thinking


I been thinking real good and HARD why Bitchyonce is so toxic to the point where everytime I see her I want to rip that beautiful voice right out of her throat… Bitchyonce has a big enough platform to where she could really make change in the streets. Yet since she ain’t street, but still […]

Do You Wanna Know? (Lyrics)

Do you want to know? Why I came to be What I came to know What I came to do What I came to fuss What I came to greave What I came to lust What I came to conquer Why I came for US Take a step back And listen for a minute To all things unjust To all things untold To all things forbidden in this world of Gold To all things forbidden

Supressing Racism?

I am one-hunnit picent against racim. However, I am also 100% all for free speech, including racist speech. Racism will not end simply by eliminating a person’s right to be racist. Let’s imagine that the internet successfully bans racist speech. How will we be able to prove that racism still exists? I feel that by […]