I need a new notebook

SooOooOo… I’ve decided my main project should be Searching the Scripturez. I fully realized this project while working a double. SooOooOo… I was taking notes on the same notepad as my work notepad. I fully realize now that I need to take serious notes on a dedicated notebook with sticky pads and alla dat. I’m […]

Intake Issues

I feel like the mental/behavioral health field sets people up for disaster from the point of intake. The majority of peop11d set do last le coming in struggle with PTSD. Then they must go from one place to another seeking services where they are forced to endure the same ridiculously trauma-uninformed intake. Imagine you been […]

MTV ‘Music’

I was watching MTV music videos earlier and I was mortified. Is that really what the music scene is like right now? Dear Lord in the heavens heLp us please. Just a bunch a leotard wearing sellouts trying to act like they got something to say but they ain’t saying nothing… The eNd is NeAr…