Listening to the Scripturez

I’m trying to listen to the whole Bible by the end of the year. I’m in Deuteronomy. Moses is telling them what a bunch of pussy azz jiggaz they are and warned them not to become like the nations around them. As is listen, I’m taking notes so I can connect the dots so I […]

Here Comes Winter

I been looking like total buttpuss for days cuz im tired from the weather change, I have an annoying zit on my face and I don’t feel like doing my makeup. I need new clothes cuz I’m getting too large and it’s time to get new clothes anyway. Afterpay charged me $157 but I didn’t […]

Long Day

I just need to hang in here a little longer. Hopefully, next month I’ll get the administrators position, then I can make my own schedule. I also have other opportunities coming through. I just hope I can finish up with this shelter job so I can get my reward. They say if I go another […]