The Two Witnesses (Poem)

Moses the Mother Church had no need for profit Just some vagabonds living off the land The slaves who were freed had no patience for nothing They wanted to be like the Kings who enslave So they asked for a King though the Kings were not worthy Just a bunch of Jiggaz jiggin til the eNd And that’s when they traded their Prophets for profit And brought their futile Kingdom to an end But little did they know their Prophets were worth something A new Kingdom that was purchased with their blood The blood of Sacrificial lambs Dearly departed Shots heard round the world til the eNd of dayz So now, here we are picking up the pieces Putting that puzzle in all disarray Waiting for the dayz of fire The Two Witnesses Moses and Elijah back again

I Think I’m in a Relationship

Its like he just snuck his way into my life after I tolt him I didn’t want a boyfriend. What do you call it when someone is always there for you, checking up on you, bringing you food, giving encouragement, making sure you get home in a cab when you work late at night, helping […]