Learning the Scripturez

From my experience, learning the Scripturez is not about going to Bible camp. It’s something that is ingrained in my heart. I was never a fan of Church but I knew that the Message of “Christ” was something that was truly important and relevant in this world. So I kept an open heart and listened to what everybody was saying. I even studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses. But I always knew there was something more to the story that was not being told

I won’t tell you at this time, the things I did to find the TRUTH. All I can say is that when you put your mind into finding the real TRUTH about Sctipturez, you will find it on your own… Without the Churches telling you what to believe. It’s all about comprehending what is happening in this world today, then searching and searching and searching for how the current situation connects with what was happening back then. Not everybody can do this. But those who have the right heart can make the connections through research that extends beyond what is in the Scripturez…


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  2. I am so grateful for the courage to look to see to expand internally… Still sometimes fear creeps into my mind but then there’s things there’s happenings that I have seen with my own internal eyes I don’t know that religion can ever explain to me except to try to cap me off and turn mee from my very iwn experiencing/knowing and well I’ve seen further than that and I’m so very very very grateful you know sometimes it saddens me that especially to my mother I’m evil I’m wicked im worldly but to me I am love I am connected to all she believes and so much more I don’t really mind anymore because everyone is where they are till they’re not ya know I’m just so grateful that this is where I am I’m so grateful to be a part of it all I’ve never had a more fulfilled existence in this consciousness and I do now and then find still a few Hangups but they’re just tiny snags and I know that and as I work through that snag I hold that space for everyone I could not be more fulfilled in life than I have been in every moment since I chose to actively listen I’m just so very grateful to get to be… Me… Thank you so much for this moment too too loud the space for me to expand I love you man


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