Learning the Scripturez

From my experience, learning the Scripturez is not about going to Bible camp. It’s something that is ingrained in my heart. I was never a fan of Church but I knew that the Message of “Christ” was something that was truly important and relevant in this world. So I kept an open heart and listened […]

You Ain’t God (Poem)

Mountains rise And stars fall And the Earth shakes And the winds blow Nothing lasts But the dirt and fire And the skies above And the Holy Waters Take a step back to praise God For the home we have For the skies above Take a step back to take it in To remember you ain’t the God who made it

The Dragon is Coming

Oh God… I’m really losing my shit. I just feel so incomplacent. At least I have one person who has been here for me out here in Staten Island. This is the second time I ended up out here by myself with nobody I know. Last time it ended in disaster. I don’t think it […]

Favorite Rapper of ALL TiMez

You should already know that my favorite rapper of ALLTiMez iz Tupac Shakur… He was the Epidome of everything I stand for. Even though he didn’t actually know what he came for. He spoke the MotherFuggin TRUTH even when he didn’t know what that TRUTH was. He just had a feeling, and that feeling spoke […]

Twilight (Poem)

Twilight falls And it seems there’s no room for rest Then twilight cometh And the rest is yet to come