The Scriptural Revolution

Don’t get it twisted… The Scripturez were part of an underground, grassroots revolution. It was all about making progress in community relations, despite the sanctions against Free Speech that we’re sanctioned by The Empire. The ReAL Jewz were not a bunch of Fairy Tale believing bullshitters. They were Badassez who undermined the dominating authority at any given chance with their Prophetic METAPHORICAL Parables. Back then they had the spoken Word and the written word which was all Parables. Throughout time, the spoken Word has been lost but the Parables still remain in tact…

Now we got a bunch of gold diggin phonies trying to make it seem like the Parables are the solid Truth. Uuuuuh… Nope… They are actually metaphores that perfectly describe what is still happening to this day. The Scrpiturez were sent to the Enemy to destroy them at the eNd of Dayz. Thus, all these Churches who are in possession of The Word are actually The Enemy who must be destroyed with the actual TRUTH…

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