The Scriptural Revolution

Don’t get it twisted… The Scripturez were part of an underground, grassroots revolution. It was all about making progress in community relations, despite the sanctions against Free Speech that we’re sanctioned by The Empire. The ReAL Jewz were not a bunch of Fairy Tale believing bullshitters. They were Badassez who undermined the dominating authority at […]

Signing Out (Lyrics)

Copious amount of bullshitters Signing onto the House of Pain Where it goes? No one knows Will it end my life? Hold me back It won’t end well Push me up I’ll take my chance Count me out I’ll pay your way I, won’t, take, your loss

I’m Dying

Lord in my heavens (in my best country accent) I’m dying. I got cramps, it’s cloudy, I’m tired, im in a bad mood. I was gonna go to AA but the two naps I took at work didn’t cut it. I wanna sleep for three days straight. Somebody heLLLp…