Green (Poem)

Why are people so afraid of a nemesis so green? Green when it comes to knowing what’s right A basket of fruit that never gets ripe When will The People get up the nerve to subdue the reptile clan? The grass is always greener where the crooks and liars stand Blessed are all who fight the fight As long as you ain’t green Hallow the revolution Back to the Hollow Earth from which they came

The Slave Press

I’m being tortured by being forced to watch the Queen’s burial. Of course the fakestream news is kissing her ass from the inside. If this were real news they’d also be reporting on people who are glad the witch is dead. Journalism should not tell people what we are supposed to be feeling. It’s meant […]

Time to pLay (Poem)

MAAASSSAAA Come out and pLayeeeaaayyy It’s been a long TiMe MotherFuCker Now what you got to say?

Blessed Art Thou (Poem)

Blessed are ye who come in the Name of Yahuah And blessed are all who speak Truth amid impending death What point to a life who does not live for the life giver? Just a moment that passes then comes to an end