Trump is an Idiot

I’m watching this idiot tease another Presidential run. He went on and on with his usual banter. Condemning praising himself for his imaginary ties with Russia that would have stopped the war, illegal immigrants, supporting the death penalty, talking about gangs and drugs. Blah blah blah… Then in the next breath he promotes the Pro-Life agenda… Then he goes on to talk about how California is falling apart…

SooOooOo… You want to force women to bring there embryos to fruition in the midst of a failing economic system, on the brink of WWIII so they struggle to put food on the table because of inflation and then have food stamps cut because poor people are leaches. Then to be put through a shitty education system with no mental health support so they can be thrown in jail for developing drug issues to ease the pain of living in this shitty world then become professional criminals due to prison education until one day they snap and kill someone which will lead to them being killed by the state. So I guess the state wants to be the ones to kill people rather than mothers terminating embryos…

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