KuNted FuCks (Poem)

These KuNted fuCks Trying to KuNt away all the years I worked Just so they can KuNt wings and fly over everything I ever truly heard Those KuNted KuNtz will get what they deserveAs I break wind with my Mighty ROD and show them what KuNted fuCks they truly are

Capitalism vs Communism

Contrary to popular belief, and I know what the funk I’m talking about so shut to mouf for a sec, but Capitslism has nothing to do with the monetary system. Capitalism and Communism are both economic systems. Capitalism means ‘private ownership of THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION.’ Comunism means ‘Community or public ownership of the means […]

Profiting off the Revolution?

I believe everyone should get their fair share. However, unlike the current methods of the Capitalist system, there should be a cap on how much profit each person can earn. The rest should go into the revolution…

Asia vs Everybody

I mean, we shoulda know this was coming. The Empire has become so haughty and hypocritical that both its leaders and their subjects have come to believe that no matter what foul and twatrocious act they commit upon this Earth, they are still the keepers of freedom and justice for all. It was only a […]