Yahuah and Free Will

Alla this ‘taking shit out of context’ shit is gonna stop right quick or I’m a Bible thump all your assez to Kingdom Come. If Yahuah is Sovereign Ruler then only He has the authority to punish us for our sins. Yahuah gave us free will and The Word does not grant His followers the right to revoke free will. The only time we have the right to punish is when someone does something that takes away another person’s free will eg rape, murder, theft, assault, etc.

To say that you have the right to dictate what other people do: 1. Means that you have no faith in God. You put your faith in the authority of men NOT Yahuah 2. Means you put yourself on the same level as God and have granted yourself Godlike privileges.

The human tendency to think they are Gods is the equivalent of Satan. And Satan’s rule is coming to a disastrous end…

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