Eden Rise (Poem)

Alive and well in the land of the living A secret garden in my head Oh how exquisite are Eden’s spring waters As I’m stuck here slaving in the valley of the dead Deliver me Lord from the cheats and liars Don’t let them get to my head With jeers and catcalls their mocking gets louder Each day is worse than the last Don’t throw me to the dogs Don’t leave me out here like this Barking their hate and nipping my heels A race of gluttons A generation of swindlers All bent to get their fill Fill me, Yahuah With your glory and splendor Water my soil and strengthen my roots A bountiful tree in the Garden of Eden Amid the stacks of dead logs in the ashes and soot

The Same Moon Everywhere

I was reading up on why the moon doesn’t rotate. Of course, NASA explains it away saying that it takes a long time to rotate then tries to prove it with their CGI video of the moon rotating around the Earth. Yet their dumbass video shows the moon rotating fast enough where we could notice […]

The Moon’s Rotation

I have spent entire nights staring at the moon. Of all the weird shit I’ve seen it do, I have never seen it rotate. One time I watched it travel across the sky then park and stay there all through the next day. How long does it allegedly take for the moon to rotate?