Space travel bullshit…

These fucking con artists are really pushing this space hoax to the next level. Trying to get people to book spots in the future of space travel whereupon they are allegedly going to build space cities and shit. How stupid do you have to be to believe that bullshit? I can disprove it based on commonsense. Let’s overlook the other bajillion commonsense reasons space travel is not possible and focus on the number one reason they are full of shit…

There is no way to train a person’s organs to survive space. They are basically saying that it’s completely normal for a person to enter zero gravity without throwing up all over the spaceship (Which can’t be cleaned) then to remain in anti-gravity without internally combusting, then when it’s all over, huddle into a tiny bubble that is then hurled back to Earth whereupon gravity suddenly kicks back in as they freefall back to ground zero then come out of it without being put on life support.

If that ain’t some bull-ass-honkey I don’t know what is…


  1. NASA sure is doing a lot in a month after decades of nothing 🥴🫠 crazy mfs believe it all

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