Holey Garbage (Poem)

I ain’t the Holy One you been waiting for I’m just the holey piece of garments you threw on the floor Then tossed it around like it ain’t nothing Then threw it in the garbageLike you really something…

A Lie so Deep

The owners of this system are master manipulating LIARS. But just like all other psychopaths, they don’t realize when their lies don’t make sense. But they have so much control that they don’t care if their lies make sense because they still have control. It is up to The People to call them out on […]

The Creation Story?

The creation story in the Scriptures is not literal. It’s part of the larger prophesy that has been told by numerous other factions since the beginning of civilization. The alleged ‘civilization’ of humanity is the marking point for numerous prophesies from numerous factions that all end in ruin…

So it is written…

…If you hear the actual voice of God you will die… That ain’t no saying. That’s real. Because Yahuah is the ‘voice’ that internally combusted to create the Universe. To make actual contact with the actual GOD means you also will internally combust… So stop trying… Get over yourselves… Be grateful for what Yahuah has […]

Stars in Space?

Oh yessss… Stars can be seen in space. Matterfact, in space you can see every motherfucken thing. All the gas flare ups, all the radiation, all the alleged dark matter. You can see things you’d never think you could saw. But NASA wouldn’t know that. Cuz they’ve never been to space. They are just a […]

Space Junk?

According to NASA, there is all typa space junk floating around in space cuz of the broken satellites and shit. So they’re telling me that regardless of how much space junk accumulates, they are still willing to spend $Billions to send more satellites and missions to the alleged space station? The space station that has […]

North Korea Missles?

SooOoo… North Korea allegedly launched satellites into space and nobody beefed about it. Meanwhile, they cause a huge fuss when they allegedly test missiles that can make it to US. If those missiles can make it to space they can make it to US. Obviously, there’s something off about that. According to NASA, Russia also […]

Space Shuttle Launches?

Why are all space shuttle launches near water? WeLp… I reckon it’s cuz when the alleged shuttle reaches the atmosphere and explodes, any piddeLy remaining fragments will fall into the ocean. And they can explain away anybody who might witness it… Why would they build rockets that are meant sheerly to be destroyed? Because the […]

Space travel bullshit…

These fucking con artists are really pushing this space hoax to the next level. Trying to get people to book spots in the future of space travel whereupon they are allegedly going to build space cities and shit. How stupid do you have to be to believe that bullshit? I can disprove it based on […]